Get to know Nachman Gelbach!

Nachman was born and raised in Jerusalem. He attended Litvish yeshivos, Or Shmuel for yeshivah ketanah, and Chaim Ozer and Kol Torah for yeshivah gedolah.

You’d be surprised, but he also has Sephardic roots!

He’s been married to Faigy for 15  years, and together they established Eshkol, a network of special needs kindergartens and a school for children with autism. They have six children, bli ayin hara.

Nachman is a person who is easy to get along with, and has a true love for his fellow human being. He enjoys getting the job done, has no fear of bureaucracy, and loves to solve complex processes.

Nachman is a man who keeps his word.

Once he’s made a decision, he’ll follow through to the end, no matter what.

He’s got an easygoing nature, and succeeds in bridging gaps between different types of people.

Nachman arrived in Tzefat 15 years ago, and immediately became active in the public sphere.

He began as a teacher for the higher classes of a Talmud Torah. Through his position, he quickly became exposed to the difficulties that many students experience within the education system, challenges they might not have had to undergo had there been someone to establish extracurricular projects, informal educational frameworks, and solutions for struggling students.

None of those services existed in Tzefat at this time.

From a genuine desire to bring change and to help his fellow residents, Nachman Gelbach brought to Tzefat the following projects:

Active Playground – a two-year guidance plan to identify, prevent, and mitigate learning difficulties in preschoolers. Professionals provide accompaniment and guidance to kindergarten teachers, providing them with practical tools how to work correctly with children.

Tutoring Project, in cooperation with Yad Eliezer. Children with learning difficulties receive a personal tutor who provides them with emotional and academic support. Nachman’s motto: Today’s children are the next generation of Tzefat. They’re our responsibility.

“The Gift of a Future” Project – in cooperation with the Jewish Agency to empower children and to reduce social gaps in Israel.

Continuing Education project for teachers in cooperation with the Achiya Institute, with an emphasis on special education.

Nachman was a member of the Schmidt Committee forum which was instrumental in bringing important projects to the city of Tzefat, for example, “Maagan” –  to promote teachers’ development and education within the early education framework; “From the General to the Specific,” and more.

Subsequently, Nachman served as the principal of educational institutions and founded a kindergarten for children with language developmental delays, a kindergarten for children with autism, and a school for children on the autism spectrum. All this was done from a sense of mission, as well as a belief that every child deserves to be educated in the very best environment. He directed all his energies into these frameworks until he entered the city council, five years ago. Since then, the children have remained close to his heart.

We mustn’t forget the rare cooperation that he initiated with the Ziv Hospital research foundation, the clinic for young children and the mental health services.

Giving and accomplishing are an inseparable part of Nachman Gelbach’s personality.

Very soon, Tzefat will have the power to make a choice that will have a great influence on the city’s growth and development or, chas veshalom, it’s regression.

Tzefat will be turning over a new leaf. Period.