Who am I?

Nachman arrived in Tzefat 15 years ago, and immediately became active in the public sphere.
He began as a teacher for the higher classes of a Talmud Torah. Through his position, he quickly became exposed to the difficulties that many students experience within the education system, challenges they might not have had to undergo had there been someone to establish extracurricular projects, informal educational frameworks, and solutions for struggling students.
None of those services existed in Tzefat at this time.
From a genuine desire to bring change and to help his fellow residents, Nachman Gelbach brought to Tzefat the following projects:
Active Playground – a two-year guidance plan to identify, prevent, and mitigate learning difficulties in preschoolers. Professionals provide accompaniment and guidance to kindergarten teachers, providing them with practical tools how to work correctly with children.
Tutoring Project, in cooperation with Yad Eliezer. Children with learning difficulties receive a personal tutor who provides them with emotional and academic support. Nachman’s motto: Today’s children are the next generation of Tzefat. They’re our responsibility.

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